At the moment I am unable to commit to responding to commission requests. You're free to email or message me on Twitter or Instagram, but please keep in mind I may not respond or be late responding. Feel free to follow up on anything to get my attention! I'm sorry for the inconvenience.For commission inquiries or other questions, you can message me on any of my social media or email me at

Please understand that I may not respond quickly.


Stolas SFW
Loona NSFW


• Alastor SFW, NSFW & Nun
• Charlie SFW, NSFW & Demon
• Vaggie SFW & NSFW
• Niffty SFW, NSFW & BDSM Outfit
• Angel REDESIGN SFW, NSFW, Poison Bodysuit & Overlord
• Husk SFW, NSFW & Overlord

My body pillows are 50x150cm and printed on 2-Way Tricot, which is soft, smooth, and stretchy for a nice fit and great feel! BUT BE CAREFUL not to get the fabric snagged, as it is easy to do so! Keep away from pets and things like velcro!!
To wash, remove cover from pillow insert. Wash by hand or alone on delicate with COLD WATER, dissolving BLEACH-FREE detergent in water before adding the cover. Rinse thoroughly. Hang dry in well-ventilated area OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT. DO NOT APPLY HEAT TO DRY.

Convention Lineup

If you're in Kentucky or the surrounding area and looking for artists, feel free to reach out. My portfolio can be found here.


Amazing Con | January 20-21 | Savannah, GA
ConNooga | February 23-25 | Chattanooga, TN
Lexington Comic & Toy Con | March 7-10 | Lexington, KY | Booth 1215
Tupelo Con | March 16-17 | Tupelo, MS
Anime Ohio | June 21-23 | Cincinnati, OH
FarleyCon | August 3-4 | East Ridge, TN
PopCon Louisville | August 23-25 | Louisville, KY
Con+Alt+Delete | December 20-22 | Rosemont, IL

Digital Prices

Base prices are for single characters with simple or no backgrounds.Extra charges will be applied for any of the following:
detailed characters, large or detailed props and appendages (such as swords or large wings), critters (animals, Pokemon, etc) depending on size, detailed backgrounds, alternate versions of the commission
NSFW is available, additional information can be found here.


TypeBase PriceExtra Character
Bust$15Single Only


TypeBase PriceExtra Character
Bust$35Single Only


TypeBase PriceExtra Character
Bust$45Single Only


Base PriceExtra Character


Base PriceAlternate Faces*Text Emotes

Please inquire about pricing for emote batches of 5 or more!*Drawing different expressions on a single base counts as an alternate face (see examples 1 and 2). The initial payment is for the base and the first expression on it, and any alternate versions using the same base will be the reduced price as listed.

Traditional Prices

Base prices are for single characters with simple or no backgrounds. Sketches are on 9x12in bristol paper. Copics are on 6x9in (small) or 9x12in (large) bristol paper.Extra charges will be applied for any of the following:
detailed characters, large or detailed props and appendages (such as swords or large wings), critters (animals, Pokemon, etc), detailed backgrounds, alternate versions of the commission
Shipping is extra and will be calculated based on your location.


TypeBase PriceExtra Character
Bust$25Single Only


TypeBase PriceExtra Character
Bust (Small)$40Single Only
Bust (Large)$60Single Only
Half (Small)$60+$60
Half (Large)$80+$80
Full (Small)$80+$80
Full (Large)$100+$100


TypeBase PriceExtra Character
Bust (Small)$60Single Only
Bust (Large)$80Single Only
Half (Small)$90+$90
Half (Large)$110+$110
Full (Small)$110+$110
Full (Large)$140+$140

Digital NSFW Commissions

YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD OR OLDER TO COMMISSION NSFW ARTAll characters will be portrayed as 18+.


Fetishes that cost extra:
+Heavy BDSM
+Pregnancy / Inflation / Vore
+Depictions of violence / Strangulation
+Feet / Foot Play

Please check the ToS for additional information on what I generally will and won't draw, butI WILL NOT DO NSFW ART OF:
-Feral / non anthro animals & similar creatures
-Underage or races / species that appear underage; if a character LOOKS underrage, IS underrage, or is MENTALLY underage, I will not draw them (though I WILL draw characters who are canonically minors as long as they are obviously AGED UP TO ADULTHOOD)

Additional Information

If you have ANY questions or need clarification, feel free to contact me!


  • Fan Art or Original Characters

  • Real People

  • Animals / Pokemon / MSC Creatures

  • From Descriptions / No References Available

  • Furry / Anthro

  • Wings (Bat, Bird, Etc)

  • Weapons

  • Any Body Type

  • Some Gore


  • Full Mech

  • Extreme Gore

  • Hateful Themes

  • Pedophilia / Minors in Suggestive Situations

By commissioning me or inquiring about commissions you agree to the following:

  • I am NOT obligated to accept any offers if I do not wish to, no reason required.

  • I hold the right to cancel a commission and fully refund the money at any point if I feel it necessary for any reason (in which case, I will be responsible for any PayPal fees).

  • You may inquire about cancellations, but they are NOT guaranteed. You WILL be responsible for the Paypal fees for any negotiated refunds, if applicable.

  • I will NOT refund completed commissions.

  • I reserve the right to raise my prices as I see fit without warning. Anyone who has reserved a commission slot prior to a change will not be charged extra.

  • Due to issues with people not paying, ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE UP FRONT. All payments are via Paypal invoice.

  • Upon completion of the commission, it will be available for download via Google Drive. Please save your commission as it may be removed from my Drive.

If you contact me about a commission, please include EXACTLY the type of commission you are looking for, along with any relevant details. This includes character descriptions and references, along with anything extra you are wanting in the piece, such as an animal or weapon that may cost extra.You must provide me with as many details as are needed to accurately portray your characters. We can hash out details in the sketching process, but you are solely responsible for pointing out anything on a sketch or WIP that needs to be corrected as soon as you notice it.If you don't have specifics in mind, that's okay, too. We can work it out together, just keep in mind it may take more time to complete.

Terms of Service

What you can do with your commission:

  • Use it for avatars/icons on any website that you wish.

  • Get it printed out on whatever medium you wish (paper, mugs, shirts, etc)

  • Use it as a future reference for your original character(s)

  • Display it on your personal website, blog, etc with proper credit given linking to wherever you commissioned me from.

  • Make edits of the artwork that do not remove my signature or (if the image is cropped) credit me in the description.

What you may not do with your commission:

  • Sell it in any way, shape, or form (this includes digital copies, physical prints, etc unless otherwise agreed upon)

  • Take credit for the artwork that I created.

  • Use my artwork in any way that involves hatred or bigotry (including but not limited to racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, etc).

  • Remove my watermark from the full image or post a cropped version without giving me credit.

What I may do with your commission:

  • Use your commission as part of my portfolio, both online and in person, and post it online wherever my artwork is hosted.

  • Use it as an example for future commissions.

  • Use it for prints, zines, or whatever merch I see fit.


I retain all rights to my art unless otherwise negotiated. You may in NO WAY financially benefit from my artwork, or pass on the rights to do so to anyone else. If I wish to, I can use commissioned art for further monetary gain.If you want the copyright to your commissioned artwork, a price can be negotiated, but it is not included in your commission price.You may loose the rights to your commission with NO refund if you violate these terms.





Hi, I'm Jesi

Online I go by Monk. I'm an art hobbyist from Kentucky with a focus on digital illustration, though I do dabble in traditional ink and marker art, and more occasionally watercolors. I enjoy drawing both original and fan art, whatever I'm in the mood for! Currently I am trying to move to doing art professionally and working on comics.For digital art I use a Wacom MobileStudio Pro tablet computer. Paint Tool SAI is my primary art program, with some editing and textures from Clip Studio Paint.For traditional art I use Micron pens with Copic markers on bristol or marker Strathmore paper.

I'm always open for zine and convention/event invitations, but if you add me to your event mailing list it will be blocked.CONVENTION PORTFOLIO

Convention Portfolio

My name is Jesi, but online I go by Monk. I'm a solo LGBT artist working out of Kentucky where I've lived my entire life. I have several years of casual artist alley experience, and I sell a mix of fan art and original works. Along with prints, buttons, and acrylic charms I also offer sketchbooks, pencil bags, body pillow covers, mouse pads and at-con commissions for patrons to pick up before the con's end.